Project FAQ

  1. How does the project work?

    To participate in the project, you need to top up the balance in your personal account. The invested money turns into the speed of building up the balance for withdrawing money to the wallet. It should be borne in mind that the very concept of this type of online earnings is developed for active investors who want to increase their funds and understand how to do it! At the start, the administrator allocates a sufficient amount for technical support of the project (payment for the server, domain, etc.). Funds are also allocated for the initial advertising of the project within one week (mainly banner advertising on third-party resources).

    Further, everything depends on the activity of the investors themselves. In order to increase the period of uninterrupted operation of the project, it is recommended that all investors be active and recommend the project in any possible places. Don't forget about reinvesting! It is desirable to invest part of the earned money back!

  2. Can I earn without investment?

    Yes, you can earn without investment due to the referral program! Recommend the project, for example, on social networks, bring new contributors and receive a referral reward in the amount of their replenishment. (For more details, see the Referrals section.)

  3. How are the payments going?

    Payments of income are carried out instantly (instant) after clicking on the (Pay) button in your account. There is no interval between payments. Referral rewards also do not have a withdrawal interval and can be withdrawn at any time!

  4. Why can't I top up my balance?

    There may be a lot of reasons. You need to check with the chat moderators (if there is one on the project) or with the Administrator. Most often, you just need to restart the page, or go to the site again or use another browser

  5. As is

    The service is provided "as is". Everything is set up! Everything works automatically!

Benefits of the project:
  • Minimum replenishment:

    from 1
  • Maximum replenishment:

    up to 1000
  • Number of deposits:

  • Project profit:

    40% from the deposit + 20% from the deposits of your partners
  • Accrual and withdrawal of income:

    once a day
  • The term of each deposit:

    3 days with a net income of 20%
  • Investments in Development

    Follow successful people and multiply your capital

    Learn More
  • Your Active Income

    Invest and earn 40% per day

  • Partner program

    Active partners increase your income by +20%

    Attract partners
Payment systems of the project: